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Squid is free and I think will do what you want (as long as you can
configure users to get their web pages via a proxy rather than
directly). It's originally a Unix program but there is a Windows version
which is fairly easy to use. I put my notes on how I set it up at
http://techinfo.cnwl.ac.uk/Squid%20Proxy/ including details of where to
get the Windows version and how to set an ACL to block particular web


By default it does log all access but this can be turned off. It doesn't
log username unless you go through hoops (just requesting IP)




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Thanks for the comments guys. Firstly funding for ISA 2006 is out of the
question now so i'm looking for something else. Not expensive but that
will work optimally. I will look at the workarounds you gave me. thank
you very much
PS: With my SAV Enterprise edition i got Symantec Web Security 3.0 also
which is a proxy server according to the booklet. Have any of you
experience in working with this product and is it gud to implement it as
a proxy?

Craig Meyer 

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