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You can use the IPSec techniques outlined in this walkthrough...




to enable you to block certain websites via a group policy. It's VERY easy to 
do. We had a problem with users visiting naughty sites and with this technique, 
I can effectively block all web access, allow local intranet browsing, allow 
only specific sites to be allowed, or finally, what you are looking for, block 
individual sites.


Read through it. Again, it's very easy to alter the IPSec rules to block a 
single web site.


Alternately, in your DNS servers, I use MS DNS so I can't say this could apply 
to you, but you could create a new domain, say myspace.com, and make a bogus 
DNS entry for it. That way, when any machine tries to go to myspace.com, it 
will not resolve.


Either of those techniques should work great for you.






Hi guys
Can i block a website through a GPO?

Craig Meyer 

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