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  • Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2007 21:01:44 +0100

Actually you can check for IE settings with WMI but you need to use another 
namespace than the commonly used root\CIMV2 namespace, namely :




and the WQL query would look something like this:


SELECT * FROM MicrosoftIE_Summary WHERE Version LIKE "6%"


I just noted that this namespace does not exist on my Vista box when I was 
going to hit WBEMTEST with it, but I know it does on XP/2003 and since Vista 
comes with IE7 this is not a problem here since it will return 0 hits, i.e. 
false, if it fails to connect to the namespace and thus the test will be valid 
on a Vista too since there is no IE6 on Vista, although your additional XP/2003 
test would take care of that anyway. I believe Darren have a tool on the GPOGUY 
web site that lets you test  WMI Filters that you can use to verify my syntax 
on a XP/2003 box unless you like the torture yourself with WBEMTEST :)


Justin, do you need help with the other two as well, or was the IE6 WQL the one 
were wondering about, since that one is pretty tricky?




Thorbjörn Sjövold

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I don't think you can write a filter to look for IE6. You would be better off 
scripting out those checks before installing a patch.


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How would you create az WMI Filter to accomplish all of this


* Internet Explorer 6 

* Security update 918899 

* Windows XP SP2 or Windows Server 2003 SP1


I want to install a patch but it requires that all the three exist first


Justin A. Salandra

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