[gptalk] Re: Vista in Win2k3 domain - VBS Logon scripts?

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For whatever it is worth I ran into the exact same problem(VBS Logon
scripts) with the last 3 released versions of VISTA.  I'm only running
two pc's on my domain as vista test pc's. One to help set group policy
and one for a user to simulate what he does daily on a Vista box.  After
several weeks of not being able to find a VBScript Logon answer I was
hoping "someone", or the final release would solve the problem. Because
it was only one user I copied the script to startup folder and it ran
fine as a temporary solution. (user is a local admin in my test case so

I'm fairly convinced that Vista will be a great admin headache to begin
with - but will hopefully be less maintenance over time.

Vista kinda emulates the network admin who locks everything so tight
he/she makes the network impractical to work with.  Users can't do what
they need to easily and inevitably there is lost productivity.  Sure it
is secure, but what used to be easy now requires forms to get approval
(like loading software if the user is not a local admin) or takes six
steps instead of one.   

I look forward to seeing what types of scripts are posted that will work
with Group Policy (the two that are required for the VB Logon scripts
previously mentioned).

Mark Mills, Sr. Network Engineer
Email: mark.mills@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

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Hi Darren,

I checked the post again and there was no file or attachment of any
kind. As a matter of fact, I went to make a reply and there wasn't even
a function to add and attachment. <scratching head>

I hope you can get use your connections to get the facts straight on
this. Just a quick search for "login scripts" and "map drive scripts"
shows a great number of people having this problem. All the answers from
Mr. Prashanth simply state that it's a LUA\UAC problem. No solution is
ever given and the text I sent you seems to be his most complete work to

Have you given a shot at replicating this with a simple VBS script? I
will disable UAC tomorrow and see what happens then.

Thanks again and I'll be crossing my fingers.


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