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This could be a timing issue where %appdata% is not available when policy is
running. Are there are any differences in how your XP vs. Vista machines are
configured? For example, do you have the "Always wait for the network at
computer startup and user logon" configured on both versions?





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I'm trying to download and install a corporate screensaver on our machines -
Win2k, XP and Vista.


The method I chose was to use a GPO to 


a)      Use a batch file to copy the .scr to the %appdata% folder (system32
was causing permission problems)

b)      Put %appdata%\screensavername.scr in the Screen Saver Executable
Name field under User Configuration/Administrative Templates/Control


This seems to work OK for the XP machines, but Vista doesn't seem to like
the %appdata% variable in the GPO. If I put in the full pathname its OK.


Any ideas gratefully received!






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