[gptalk] Re: Vista and Phantom files

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  • Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2008 15:36:07 -0700

Ah right, good old VSS. I wonder if you can't turn that off for that file.
Of course, it doesn't help you for others that want to use this.





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Hi Darren,


Nope.. its not a file lock. the problem occurs across a reboot.


But I have found out half of the problem! It is file shadowing. I checked
out the properties of the file and noticed a new TAB in VISTA called shadow
copies. I looked at it and there are 7 versions of the file (see attached
Shadows.jpg), one of which was the phantom that I was seeing. (dated
8/20/2008, 11:28 am)


I mentioned yesterday that I renamed the phantom from within my program. I
now have the situation that the renamed file (gpsvcaaa.log) is visible from
within my program, but not from Explorer (see attached Compare.jpg)


So, now I just have to find out why it sometimes looks at the phantoms
rather than the real file. and then how to force my program to do it


I have posted a query on a Vista forum. Will respond here if I get a



Alan Cuthbertson  



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That's a new one on me-the only thing I can think of is that Windows is
keeping that log file open (and possibly locked) at all times and that only
by renaming it do you release the open file handle.  Not much help but that
is my best guess. What might be interesting is to kill the GP Client Service
process and see if the file becomes available then. That would confirm the
file lock.




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Subject: [gptalk] Vista and Phantom files


Hi Vista experts


This is not really a Group Policy Query, but I am too embarrassed to ask


I have a VB6 program that formats the UserEnv log. It works perfectly well
on XP, but on Vista it keeps finding an old version of the log. It is as if
Vista is showing me my own personal copy of the file, rather than the real


The program has a browse button which allows me to explore to the
windows\debug\usermode  directory. I can see all of the files there. When I
open an explorer window, I see exactly the same file names except that the
gpsvc.log file shown within the program is an old version with an old date
and size. It corresponds to the file as it was when I last opened it with my
program.. If I rename the file from within my program, the correct file
suddenly appears.


I am presuming this is some feature of Vista. Does anyone know how to turn
it off..



Alan Cuthbertson

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