[gptalk] Re: Vista RC's and Betas used in GP test won't upgrade to Enterprise VLK

  • From: Thorbjörn Sjövold <thorbjorn.sjovold@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 12 Dec 2006 09:54:30 +0100

not all Vista builds RC/Beta support upgrade to the RTM version, but can't the 
problem here be that you are trying to downgrade from Windows Vista Ultimate 
edition to the Vista Enterprise edition, not moving from RC/Beta to RTM? I 
believe that it is valid to upgrade from Enterprise to Ultimate but not the 
other way around, regardless of problems with different builds etc. I actually 
think that you can "upgrade" most Vista editions to Ultimate, if you have 
Ultimate licenses of course :)
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Enterprise VLK

For whatever it is worth to those who were testing GP with Vista:

You cannot upgrade a Beta or RC to the Enterprise version.

I used the Beta's and RC's when testing GP with Vista. However when I 
downloaded the full version along with my Volume License Key off the 
https://eopen.microsoft.com/EN/default.asp site, I received the following 
message when trying to change over to a Valid Enterprise License of Vista.  





JPEG image

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