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I always position VBS scripts for group poilcy aplpication at startup or
shutdown in %SystemRoot%\sysvol\sysvol\<domain DNS name>\scripts this works
for me everytime.  Not sure if that¹s what you were asking, but thought I¹d
say it anyway.



On 4/9/08 18:53, "William Curley" <wcurley@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I believe netlogon would be for scripts that are referenced in the user
> properties page under ADUC. For VBS scripts I have tied to specific GPOs I
> have to show files and copy the script to the location that comes up.
> -William
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> Hi All -
> I know normally if i wanted a .bat file to run within a GPO, i'd have to
> physically copy that batch file to actual folder of the GPO by selecting "Show
> Files"
> I now have  VBS file i'd like to call in a script within a GPO, does the same
> principle apply  ? or can i put it into the Netlogon\scripts and place the UNC
> within the script location within the GPO ?
> Harry

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