[gptalk] Re: VBS script at Logon

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  • Date: Thu, 4 Sep 2008 10:53:36 -0700

I believe netlogon would be for scripts that are referenced in the user 
properties page under ADUC. For VBS scripts I have tied to specific GPOs I have 
to show files and copy the script to the location that comes up.




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Hi All -

I know normally if i wanted a .bat file to run within a GPO, i'd have to 
physically copy that batch file to actual folder of the GPO by selecting  "Show 

I now have  VBS file i'd like to call in a script within a GPO, does the same 
principle apply  ? or can i put it into the Netlogon\scripts and place the UNC 
within the script location within the GPO ?


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