[gptalk] Re: Using GPO to remove Trusted Sites

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  • Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2007 13:18:34 -0800

First off, you might want to set the policy on IE Maintenance processing
that tells it to always process regardless of whether the GPO has changed.
IE Maintenance is pretty lame about refreshing itself. You might also try
doing a gpupdate /force to see if that helps. Secondly, you might want to
consider abandoning this method for setting Trusted Sites and using the XP,
SP2 Admin. Templates approach, assuming all your clients are at that level. 




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Hi all;


I have a GPO that is used to add Trusted Sites to clients IE. I am adding
the urls through 


"User Configuration\Windows Settings\Internet Explorer
Maintenance\Security/Security Zones and Content Ratings\Security Zones and
Privacy\Trusted Sites". 


After I add the url it appears in the client's Internet Explorer. However, I
have a url I want to remove from the list. I have removed it from the GPO
and waited for the GPO to sync. The url still appears in the clients IE. 


What do I need to do to remove this url?


Thanks in advance for any help,


Norm Knapp


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