[gptalk] Re: UserEnv... Finally gone from Vista?

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The last time I looked, userenv in Vista no longer held detailed GP related
data. That had all been moved to the Operational log and gpsvc.log, which
contains much more low level detail than userenv used to.


Microsoft does provide a nifty command-line utility for view the Operational
Log data, called GPLogView. Its at www.codeplex.com/gplogview and in fact
you can download its source code from there as well. It has some cool
features, including real-time monitoring of Ops Log data-you can actually
see the GP events scroll onto the screen as GP is refreshing.




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Gee Whiz. I thought I had tried that, but miss-spelt it. Now it works..,




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Same reg key as Windows XP or Server 2003. 


Key: Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Winlogon 
Name: UserenvDebugLevel 


File path:


Otto Horvath
[MS MVP - Group Policy] 


On Fri, Mar 7, 2008 at 9:12 PM, Alan & Margaret <syspro@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Some of you may know of my free program that formats the UserEnv log so that
you can see what is happening with Group Policy Processing.


When Vista was first released, the file was renamed to gpsvc.log with minor
changes to the format.


My latest release of Vista seems to have removed it totally, placing
information in the event viewer instead. Does anyone know if there is a
registry key to reenable it. or is it gone for good?


Alan Cuthbertson



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