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I think the first thing to do would be to collect a userenv log to make sure
the delay is coming from startup scripts. 




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When the users a outside the "corporate network" the startup of the computer
seems kinda sluggish, probably their computer are trying to run the Computer
Startup scrips that I run of a servershare located on the corporate network,
when they are outside the "corpnet" the computers takes very long to start. 

Is there a way to take "inhouse" or home into affect when creating GPOs ?
Is there a way to make computers boot up quicker outside the network ?
Could I make a check in the .cmd scripts ?

The affected computers totals 350, but only 30-40 roaming computers. 

The startup scrips are only small .cmd scripts that checks for different
things like IF not exist antivirus then install it and other similar ones.

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