[gptalk] Re: Unable to RDP to DC's

  • From: Darren Mar-Elia <darren@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2007 09:57:43 -0700

It really sounds like you are getting some policies on your DCs that was not 
intendd for them-- probably linked at the domain.  Something must have 
changed--I would try just installing GPMC on a workstation and see if you can 
remotely run RSOP. As a last resort you could temporarily set block inheritance 
on the DCs OU to see if that frees things up.


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Hi Darren,

I have some very odd things that are happening that are making me nervous. I
am not sure why some of things are occuring, but on edge now.

For instance, I was able to fix connecting to my DC's via RDP. BUT, I still
cannot logon at the console.
Also, i tried to install the GPMC on one of my DC's that did not have it and
I get denied. Message is "The system administrator has set policies to
prevent this installation."
I have tried to open up the "Group Policy Object Editor" on one of my DC's
and I get access denied, which makes no sense because I am using a domain
admin account.

Im a little flustered right now and very nervous.
Any suggestions?



On 10/18/07, Darren Mar-Elia <darren@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>  Jason-
> What does GPResults tell you that the effective policy is on a DC? Are you
> sure no changes were made to the GPO linked to the DCs OU? GPMC will tell
> you the Last Modified date on a GPO.
> Darren
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> Hello everyone.
> Have a great thing happening this morning that I am still trying to track
> down the cause of.
> I came in this morning and a collegue told me he is unable to RDP to any
> of our DC's in our company. I confirmed this and receive the following
> message when trying to do so:
> Funny thing is, this was working recently so I need to find out what
> changed.

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