[gptalk] Tryint to rename admin account

  • From: Craig Meyer <craigmeyer8@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <gptalk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2008 13:26:16 +0200

Hi all
Been trying to rename the admin account to something else through a GPO. I do 
the following: 
Right-click on Domain controllers OU in AD > Properties > GP tab > Open > Exp 
GPO > Create new GPO and call it Rename Admin Account > Right-click GPO > edit 
> comp config > win settings > secu settings > local policies > sec options > 
doublle click rename administrator account > define this policy seeting > type 
the name that i want and click OK all the way out.
Create a new OU and move one pc (has 2003 on it) to the OU because i only want 
to test this on one pc in the domain.Right-click on the OU in AD > Properties > 
GP tab > Open > Right-click OU > Link an existing GP > Rename admin account > 
Ok...Close all the way out
If i log out and try to log in with the username administrator and the password 
it still allows me to. What am i doing wrong?

Craig Meyer 
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