[gptalk] Trouble Shooting Possible GPO Problem (long explanation)

  • From: "Jonathan Finkbiner" <JFinkbiner@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 1 May 2008 16:02:01 -0400

I have a group of computers at one of our locations and they are
throwing UserEnv errors. The error message that I am getting appears to
be the following:


"Windows cannot query DllName registry entry for
{F6E72D5A-6ED3-43D9-9710-4440455F6934} and it will not be loaded. This
is most likely caused by a faulty registration."


I browsed through my policies \\domain.com\SysVol\domain.com\Policies\
<file:///\\domain.com\SysVol\domain.com\Policies\>  and I was unable to
find a reference to that specific GUID. So I did the next thing I could
find and I punched in that GUID listed above into the registry and it
came up under the following section in the registry:


HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Group Policy\History\<GUID>\3


Under this key I have the following entries: Display Name, DSPath,
Extension (A list of GUIDs with the matching one from above in the
application log error), FileSysPath, and a whole bunch of others...
including one that says GPOName which refers to another GUID. This GUID
I CAN track in the Sysvol folder and the GPT.ini says the
displayname=New Group Policy Object of which I have about 4 of these and
they seem to be unlinked through out the domain...


Ok now that all that background info is out of the way... I have a
feeling that this UserEnv error being thrown has to do with really long
login times by the end users at this location. The GPT.ini gives me a
valid name of a GPO that we are using however: 1) it is not linked and
2) of the 4 GPOs with the name "New Group Policy Object" not one of them
has a GUID that matches the one listed from the registry (GPOName
entry). I want to get rid of these errors to remedy the long login time
issues. Where should I start? Should I just delete all of the "New Group
Policy Object" policies from the domain? They don't even seem to be
linked anywhere.


Thanks for any help!


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