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  • Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2007 12:20:44 -0800

Thanks for asking Michael. Currently I have no plans to provide client side
extensions like DesktopStandard had/has. My current product roadmap is
focused on troubleshooting and managing GP rather than extending it. 


That being said, both Quest and NetIQ (or whoever bought them) have some
extensions as well, though I don't think their implementations are as clean
as DesktopStandard's.





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I guess this question is directed more towards Darren and his new company.
Darren, are you planning on releasing anything similar to the
DesktopStandard tool, PolicyMaker Standard Edition.


We have no plans to move to Vista in the next year or so, so using the new
group policy settings in Vista would not be an option.


Just wondering. Thanks!


Michael Pietrzak


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