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  • Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2006 09:24:21 -0800


There are two "hide drive" policies. I'm curious which one you are using.
There is the one at User Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows
Components\Windows Explorer\Hide these specified drives in My Computer" and
then there one in that same area called, "Prevent access to drives from My
Computer". If you're not using the latter one, you might want to set that
instead. It will allow them to "see" those drives, but not access them. The
problem with the "Hide Drives" policy is that it only works if the APIs
being used respect it, and of course, you've found at least operation where
they don't (there are others as well). 


Let me know if the "Prevent access" doesn't meet your needs.





Darren Mar-Elia

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I have created a restricted Terminal Server user environment using group
policies. I have configured the setting to hide the A,C,and D drives. This
setting is effective when a user opens explorer. However, I am unable to
prevent the user from right clicking on the start menu and using that
context menu to open explorer. When this is done, the local drives are
visible to the end user. I have enabled the setting that prevents the
context menu on the Taskbar, but this does not block the context menu on the
Start menu. 


Any thoughts on how I might be able to remedy this problem?









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