[gptalk] Re: Strange results

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  • Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2007 11:07:42 -0400

I ran GPResults and I get the correct settings with the correct winning
GPO but when logging in as a user it is not the case.  I thought perhaps
the policy got corrupt so I copied another policy with the correct
permissions.  Did a gpupdate /force on a machine.  Logged in as my user.
Got the same settings.  Reran GPResults.  And got the correct settings
with the "new" winning gpo but still seeing stuff I shouldn't when
logged in.





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I would make sure that the machine is still actually getting
policy-because it sounds like it is not. That could be because something
changed in the targeting of the policy, or for the user (I'm assuming
most of these policies are per-user?). You can run GPMC's GPResults
Wizard to verify that the computer and user are still receiving the
policy in question and then go from there.




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So I have a site that some of the policy just stopped working.  For
instance, the IE icon should not be seen on the desktop.  But yet I am
seeing the icon.  This just started happening about a week ago (of
course I just got told today).    I am using desktop and start menu
redirection.  When it was working the only thing users would see when
they hit the start button was programs and logoff.  Now they see
everything like a normal user would running xp. Ie - documents, help and
support, run, etc.  


Hide Internet Explorer icon on desktop Software \Microsoft \Windows
\CurrentVersion \Policies \Explorer\NoInternetIcon 1


That is what is being applied according to the results from help and


Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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