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Perhaps another way to do this is to create a security group and then make
it Resticted to the Server Operators via GPO.  That is, if you need to
control who's in that group, you can do it with a security group, then place
permissions on the security group to control who is place in it.
Not sure if that will solve your problem..


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I have a very basic knowledge on GPO and I'm reaching to this community to
find an answer to my question /doubt.
I'm need of a security group which has similar permissions and privileges
granted to Built-in Server operator group in Windows 2003 AD.
Basically I don't want to use the built-in group but rather create a new
group and grant this group all permissions and privileges granted to
built-in Server operators group can this is achievable thru GPO, if so can
some one guide me plz if not what are reasons it can't be done.
Highly appreciate any inputs on this topic,
Many thanks in advance


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