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Sorry-just saw this. What exactly are you doing to allow Net Send? I would
guess that allowing net send should have nothing to do with live messenger
working or not (unless Live Messenger relies on the Alerter service but if
its enabled , that should not impact IM). 


As for disabling Wireless, you can't really do that as a function of whether
it's on your network or not. If you are worried about users connecting to
non-corporate WAPs while they are in the office, then GP against XP clients
won't help you much. The Wireless Policy that is supported on XP is pretty
limited. Vista is better at this. You might be able to do some kind of IPSec
tunnel while on the corporate network that prevents non corporate networks
from accessing your internal network, but it would take some work.




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Hey everyone,


I am trying to make my network more secure, I tried looking at a few things
who left me puzzled as they didn't seem to work.

I am trying to enable NET SEND and at the same time deny users the ability
to use live messenger, those options didn't work.

Further more I am trying to force disabling  of Wireless on laptops
connected to my network, I didn't find any effective way of doing that
through GPO.


Any thoughts?



Thank you,


Asaf Efrati | IT & Security | eToro

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