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You could also use GP Preferences Registry Extension if you have that




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Hi Katy,


It sits in the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Screen
Saver.Marquee with a value of Text


The easiest way to set it is probably via an ADM template:-






            CATEGORY "Marque settings"

                        POLICY Text

                                    KEYNAME "Control Panel\Screen


                                    PART "Text to display" EDITTEXT

                                                KEYNAME "Control
Panel\Screen Saver.Marquee"

                                                VALUENAME Text

                                    END PART ;Text to display

                        END POLICY ;Text


            END CATEGORY ;Marque settings



Alan Cuthbertson



 Policy Management Software (Now with ADMX and Preference support):-



ADM Template Editor(Now with ADMX support):-



Policy Log Reporter(Free)









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Does anyone here know where I would set the wording for the Marquee
screensaver?  Can this be done with GPO?  I have forced Marquee screensaver
as a default on each machine and the MD wants this to show our strapline,
I'd hate to have to visit every machine!  


Thank you



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