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Jamie is right. Group Policy preferences should work, but I have never tried
this part of it. One problem you may have is if you have roaming profiles,
the setting may not "disappear" when they move to another machine that
doesn't have the policy. Group policy Preferences can be defined to delete
the key when the policy is not applied, so if you were using Group Policy
preferences to create the Policy key it may delete it when you move to
another machine, so the user would then get their own screen saver. However,
I think GPP will only delete the key from the User registry when the machine
no longer receives the Policy, not when the user moves to another machine
that does not receive the policy. Of course if you want to enforce one
screensaver on some machines and enforce a different screen saver on the
rest, GPP should work.


ADM templates won't work because (as you said) Machine ADM templates only
apply to the machine registry.


You only other option is Loop Back processing. turn it on for the machines
you want and create a single policy entry in the User part of the policy for
those machines. Why don't you want to turn it on?


The other way is to use Site policies. Provided all of your machines are in
a particular IP range, you can define that as being a particular Site and
then attach the GPO to activate the screen saver.


Alan Cuthbertson



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You might look at using Item-level targeting in Group Policy Preferences to
populate the registry key.


Actually, there is a control panel\desktop key for the computer, but I
believe that controls the wallpaper you see when no one is logged on.


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Hi all,


Having never written an ADM before (note: Win 2003/XP env), I was wondering
about feasibility of writing custom ADM to apply a screen saver to computer
side of a GPO so that we can target computer objects.


- We don't want to turn on loopback for standard end user machines

- We can't use the user side of the policy because client only wants it
applied to certain machines (but large groups of them)  :- (


I'm guessing the tough part (maybe impossible?) is specifying the end user's
registry key.  I imagine there's no such thing as the "Control
Panel\Desktop" subkey for computers right?  Anybody else been down this
road?  I'm already primed to tell customer to adjust their expectations  :-)





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