[gptalk] Re: SceCli 1202 and Userenv 1085 errors

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If you are in the registry security policy section, add a trustee and search
for "everyone" it will resolve to the built-in account. I don't think there
is any difference between \Everyone and BuiltIn\Everyone-there is only one
Everyone account, with only one well-known SID. 



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Hello List,

I have more information on the problem that I emailed about a couple of
weeks ago.  Adobe uses Everyone to apply permissions for Acrobat 8.0
products.  I tried to ass the account and found out that Everyone exists but
I can not see it.  I created a GPO that adds Everyone to the Windows
Settings\Security Settings\Registry\Machine\Software with the same
permissions as BUILTIN\Users. It shows up as \Everyone in the MPSRPTs, I
think that it should be BUILTIN\Everyone.  Does anyone know how to make this
work? This seems to be causing the SCeCli 1202 and the Userenv 1085 errors
we've been seeing.  

Thanks in advance for your help.

Mary Collingwood

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