[gptalk] Re: SceCli 1202 and Userenv 1085 errors

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"creating a GP that would ignore that regkey"? 


Are you using registry security policy to set registry permissions? If not,
then I'm not sure what it is that is supposed to ignore that key.




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Hello List,

I have more information on the problem that I emailed about last week.  The
culprit appears to be the 8.1 patch for Acrobat Writer.  It seems that the
code changes permissions on the registry to everyone with Full Control on
the key HKLM\Software\Macrovision.  I right clicked on this key and the
other groups inherited from HKLM\Software keys updated.  That is Local
Administrators, CREATOR OWNER, Local Power Users, SYSTEM and local Users
groups.  However, there is a subkey called FLEXnet Publisher that does not
inherit from above.  The permission is set to everyone Full Control.  This
seems to be causing the SCeCli 1202 and the Userenv 1085 errors we've been

Evidently this key is updated on the fly as users access Acrobat.  I'm told
this may be their way to check licensing.  Their Tech Support suggests
creating a GP that would ignore that regkey.  I have no idea how to do that.
Does anyone on this list?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Mary Collingwood

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