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Shouldn't matter. That is the whole point of folder redirection. If
everything is working properly, Application Data will be written to the
redirected folder so you wouldn't have to worry about it.

I am personally am not fond of Folder Redirection; I've had very limited
success trying to use it in large environments. Even though full-blown
Roaming Profiles are equally bad (and worse in some cases), you might be
better off with them in my opinion.

If user profile portability is a big concern and money is not a problem,
you might consider looking into a combination of Terminal Services and
Windows XP Embedded. Thin clients are becoming increasingly popular
again for this sort of thing.

Jamie Nelson

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Not sure if anyone knows of any good resources/ideas about Folder
We'd like to implement folder redirection for entire user profiles.
The biggest problem we see thus far is that our environment consists of
users with multiple PCs; therefore, some users may have 2 different sets
of Favorites, Application Data etc. 

If anyone can point me at some good resources on the internet or if
anyone has some insight that would be terrific.


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