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Thanks Darren,

Just to confirm, when you mention user property you mean defining the TS
profile location ad TS Home Directory at the following AD user property
locations ?

On 11/9/06, Darren Mar-Elia <darren@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

 As for protecting the desktop, because this is part of the user's
profile, its tough to totally lock it down unless you use Folder Redirection
to redirect the Desktop folder to a read-only server share. In that case, I
would recommend defining a TS-specific profile in the user object so the
Folder Redirection doesn't interact with the user's home folder redirection.
Also, define the FR policy using loopback policy.

As for restricting the TIF, I haven't tried this in a while but never
found a good way to do it. The inetcorp.adm file that ships with Windows
claims to be able to do it but I never got it to work. Maybe others have had
better luck.


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I'm about to implement a GPO for my TS/Citrix Server OU.

I don't want any user saving to their " Desktop" folder. How can i
restrict saving to this location and the main root c:\ location ?

I am going to use the program hidecalc to hide the drives, but i'd like to
know where i can set this restriction up in Group Policy.

I'm running Windows 2003 Standard and the TS/Citrix Servers are running
the same OS

I'd also like to know ho to restrict the size of everyone's Temporary
Internet Folder .

Thanks as always,



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