[gptalk] Re: Restricting only Software Installations

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You can prohibit per user installs of MSI packages using the policy at
computer config\admin templates\windows components\windows
installer\prohibit user installs. Since this is a per computer you would
need to apply it at the computer of the user(s) you want to restrict.
Alternatively, if you really needed to button things down, you could set up
a Software Restriction Policy "white list" where only a known set of
applications and setup packages are allowed to run. This would guarantee
that *nothing* runs outside of what you know about. Of course, all this gets
harder if your users are local admin on their workstations.


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This may have a simple answer but I can't think of it at the moment.


How can I restrict only a users ability to install software?  


I know some policies and user groups would probably encompass this
restriction but I was wondering how to do just the one restriction of
installing software.



Is this possible??



Thanks for the help!




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