[gptalk] Re: Restrict Users from Logging onto a specific computer?

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Option 1: Remove the domain users group from the local users group on
that one pc

Option 2(GPO) - Create an OU and place that single computer in that
OU(separate OU to ensure you do not mistakenly apply this to the entire
domain)-Create a new GPO that uses restricted groups and set it to
manage the "users" group and leave the group membership empty.


Either one of these should remove all regular users ability to log on to
that particular workstation as the default local security policy grants
rights to the local users group. If rights are granted to the "domain
user" group than this scenario will not work-but there are still a few
other ways to accomplish this task.




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Is there a GPO that would stop all of our users (except Admins and one
other user account) from logging onto a specific computer?

All users can log onto any of the pc's in the Domain right now, but I
have one PC that I do not want them to be able to log into.


Frank B. Smith

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