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I ended up going ahead and creating the ADM and then using it to remove the 
data from the .pol file,  I just wanted to use a more expedious method to 
remove the data from the .pol file rather than creating something else to do 
it.  The ADM template took a bit for me to create, so it was not the most 
expedious method, but it worked.  
Thanks All,

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Small typo….
“…use the following steps to dump the data directory from each Registry.pol 
file you want...”
Should be 
“…use the following steps to dump the data “directly” from each Registry.pol 
file you want…”

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I second Jamie's recommendation.


Since you are missing some of the relevant ADM templates, I think you should 
dump the contents of the registry.pol file to text where you can see all of the 
settings at once and compare to the report from the GPMC (especially the 
section showing miscellaneous registry entries)--besides, this will make it 
easier to re-create any of the ADM templates you might want. The downside, of 
course, is that you'll be missing anything that had been in the original 
"Explain" tabs on those settings.


If you have any questionable settings, compare to the MS provided GPO Registry 
settings spreadsheet (latest date 3/9/2008): 



Note: Entries in the registry.pol file can not only come from the 
Administrative templates, but also from a few other areas in the GPO Editor 
(e.g. Certificates, etc.). So to make sure you have everything documented that 
you want, use the following steps to dump the data directory from each 
Registry.pol file you want:


Copy the registry.pol file to your local workstation (say...to the root of the 
C: drive)


Open a CMD shell (Start | Run | cmd | OK)


Enter: regview registry.pol > temp.txt [Enter]


Enter: Notepad temp.txt





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If you know what registry keys you're looking for, then why don't you

just recreate the ADM manually and set them back to not configured?


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This is not free you can use the 30 day demo registry workshop


if you need to buy it I think it only cost 30.00 dollars


Take Care --John


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> Hey all,


> Anyone know a good (free) way to edit the registry.pol file from a

> gpo?  There are some settings in a gpo of ours that we no longer have

> the ADM template for and I need to strip them out and recreate the adm


> template, so first I want to strip them out of the registry.pol file.


> Thanks,


> Nate





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