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  • Date: Mon, 9 Oct 2006 06:58:15 +1000

Hi Jamie,

We have a tool that may achieve what you want. It is called PolMan. It doesn't 
extract info from RSOP reports, but it does have the facility to compare the 
Resultant Set of Policies depending on the Site, OU, Group memberships of the 
Machine and User. It also allows you to save all of the polices and then do a 
comparison some time in the future. The format of the report is not quite as 
elegant as an RSOP report, but all of the info is in there.

You can download a free trial from out site. It is one of the more advanced 
features of the product so you may wish to get back to me if you have troubles 
doing it.

 Alan Cuthbertson

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  Does anyone know of any tools and/or methods by which you could take two RSOP 
reports from GPMC and compare them; possibly highlighting or somehow 
identifying where there are differences?



  Jamie Nelson

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