[gptalk] Questions about IE Maintenance in Preference Mode

  • From: David Cliffe <David.Cliffe@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: gptalk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 06 Mar 2008 13:11:10 -0500

Sorry to bring up this age old topic.  I've managed to successfully
avoid IE Maintenance GPOs for a long while now so haven't been forced to
truly grasp their nature or read any of the comments about them  :-)
A client has an existing user GPO [linked to the root of a domain and
set to Enforced**] which configures multiple URLs to be placed in the
Trusted Sites zone.  This was done via IE Maintenance in Preference
[ ** not sure this accomplishes much in this scenario, although maybe
there are other settings in there as well (not sure yet) ]
Their objective is to modify that same GPO.  They would like to add new
URLs to the Local Intranet zone.  There are currently no plans to add or
remove any URLs from the existing list in Trusted Sites.
My questions:
1) Will the new URLs show up in Local Intanet zone when the policy is
next processed ?
2) Assuming the end user has not modified the Trusted Sites zone, will
the existing URLs there remain as is?
3) Would making this single modification change any other aspect of an
end user's IE config?  For example, if a proxy is being configured via
Pref Mode from a completely different GPO linked to a different OU in
the hierarchy, will that get removed/modified as a result of this?
4) If [by chance] something were to go wrong and multiple end users lose
some IE config settings, what's the easiest way to push [or pull] them
back from those same PrefMode GPOs?  I'm trying to get my head around
whether or not the client will ignore them since have already been
applied once?  I imagine these possibile remedies:
    a) Reset browser settings on GPO, import from a backup copy, but now
leave GPO as 'Policy Mode' in order to get settings back down to
    b) Just make some other innocuous change in the GPO simply to cause
version number to increase and client side to process it again?
    c) Other?
5) Hypothetical - if the list of URLs inside Trusted Sites  *did*  need
to be modified ... what would be the expected behavior during next proc
cycle for this policy in Pref mode?  Does it just pull the whole new
list in, or ??  I suppose this might correlate with 4b above...
Thanks again for your indulgence,

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