[gptalk] Question about Shortcuts when using redirected Desktop in a GPO.

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  • Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2008 05:30:45 -0400

I have a GPO that my predecessor started on that isn't complete yet that I
am trying to finish up on. I feel like I am playing in a house of cards with
this, cause one wrong move and the whole things comes crashing down. I will
try and keep this short and to this specific problem that I am seeing.

To make our user profiles smaller, they started redirecting my documents and
were going to do the desktop and application data. Well it appears that my
documents is working for some but desktop never got done. So I created a new
GPO to use and test on myself. It appears to be working fine. But I am now
noticing the following "problem" .

On my workstation I have a shortcut for Remote Desktop Connection. When I
right click and look at the General Information it shows the correct
location for where my desktop lives on a remote server. I am currently
working on some new laptops for some remote Office VPN Users and have one at
home and when I log on and now click this icon to work. I get the "Open
file - Security Warning" I can see the path and know that I am in no danger,
but trying to explain that to a user....well you know.

Did I set this up wrong or miss something or is this fallout from
redirecting the desktop? Our users have a few shortcuts on their desktops
and before I can roll this out to anyone I want to make sure I am not going
to open a big old can of.....well again you know.

TIA for any help and guidance.

Tim Parker

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