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Pushing preferences via ADM filesI agree, if they were following the rules, you 
should be able to opt-out. The only contact info on their site is via phone or 
support ticket. I did change the e-mail address in my profile to 
abuse@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hopefully, that will stop the spam. 

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  Since they're now part of MS, you should be able to "opt-out", somewhere :). 
I would just send them an email and ask to be removed.

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  A warning to all. Nothing is absolutely free, including this PolicyMaker 
utility. To obtain this utility you have to provide an e-mail address. When you 
do that you'll start getting SPAM from them with no mechanism to opt-out from 
their mailing list. I made this mistake, now I'm getting SPAM. 

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    Hi Robert,


    Yep. we all give up on Binary Keys. Microsoft doesn't support them under 
ADM Templates. 


    PolicyMaker has a free utility that allows you to add registry keys 
directly via Group Policies 


    The one downside is that it runs as an additional Group Policy Extension, 
so you have to install it on all machines. which is a lot of work for a couple 
of  measly registry keys


    Alan C



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    OK, I give up.  Anyone know of a way to push a registry entry via GPO/ADM 
looking something like this:? 

    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Toolbar\WebBrowser] 

    I've downloaded Alan's tool, will gladly pay the $50 if it will do 
something like this, but it didn't allow me to put these binary strings.

    These, btw, are prefernce settings to remove the AddressBar from IE6.  I 
tried using a policy called NoAddressBar = 1, but it was not consistent, 
perhaps conflicting with other GPO settings we have.  So I used REGMON to 
capture which registry entry was being modified when I turned off/on the 
Address Bar (View/toolbars/AddressBar).  Now I just have to figure out a way to 
send this via GPO.

    Any and all ideas would be very much appreciated. 

    Robert Tannehill 
    Sr. Computer Engineer 
    Computer Sciences Corporation 

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