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Have you ever used method 3?

I've tried doing a WMI filter for installed software and it really
slowed down the startup process - not sure if this was a problem with
the particular machine, my filter or that's just the way WMI is!

If I try and use WMI to get a list of installed software (eg using
Scriptomatic) that's quite slow so I suspect it may be one of those
things which doesn't work as well as I'd like!

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Good point. In that kind of situation, I would generally do one of the

1) dump a flag file on the system (after the 1st execution) so that
script only runs if the file doesn't exist. 2) In the script logic,
programmatically verify (through WMI) whether or not IE7 is installed
3) Use a WMI filter on the GPO so that only systems with IE6 process the

2 or 3 would be the best option for pushing out IE7.

Jamie Nelson

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