[gptalk] Re: Problems propagating GPO settings

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  • Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2007 17:02:16 -0400

Yes, that's it!!!   of course.. somtimes the answers are what is right
in front of your nose!  thanks Craig. 


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Sounds like a confusion of issues here.  First off do you want to
propagate apps at both levels?.  And for the COMPUTER level apps, have
you assigned domain computer rights to the application MSI folder
structure.  It's a common one. Try this it works.





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Subject: Problems propagating GPO settings


Hello everyone, 


I am having some trouble with GPO being pushed out to my machines. 


I am only seeing security settings being propagated to the local GPO on
my machines.  


When I run mmc with the local computer policy object snap-in,  I can see
that the security settings are being propagated, but I cannot see
anything in the software folders even though I am pushing out software
at the user as well as the computer level. The software is showing up in
the add/remove programs applet  under "add new programs"??


Also I do not see any settings being propagated in the admin templates


Can anyone help with this?





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