[gptalk] Re: Problems propagating GPO settings

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  • Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2007 17:37:27 -0600


If you are looking at the local GPO, you are not going to see any policy
settings except security policy. That is because the Local GPO is its own
GPO-it does not represent the resulting policy from domain GPOs. If you want
to get a true picture of what domain GPOs are being received, run the GP
Results Wizard from GPMC against that computer and user.


Also, the fact that a deployed software package is only showing up in
Add/Remove Programs sounds to me like you Published the package rather than
assigning. By default, Published packages do not get installed automatically
but instead appear in ARP and require the user to install them.




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Hello everyone, 


I am having some trouble with GPO being pushed out to my machines. 


I am only seeing security settings being propagated to the local GPO on my


When I run mmc with the local computer policy object snap-in,  I can see
that the security settings are being propagated, but I cannot see anything
in the software folders even though I am pushing out software at the user as
well as the computer level. The software is showing up in the add/remove
programs applet  under "add new programs"??


Also I do not see any settings being propagated in the admin templates


Can anyone help with this?





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