[gptalk] Re: Problem with GPO Setting even after set to 'Not Configured'

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Hi Jamie,
Yup... gave that a go.. rebooted few times etc but still that setting is coming 
down and shown in the user registry hive. Within the GPMC settings view of the 
defdompol, there is no sign that this setting (ForcePST) is now set... and the 
only GPO applied to this User is defdompol... 
Thanks for you reply
Loz  > Subject: [gptalk] Re: Problem with GPO Setting even after set to 'Not 
Configured'> Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2007 10:58:51 -0600> From: 
Jamie.Nelson.ctr@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> To: gptalk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> > Have you done a 
"gpupdate /force /target:user" from the command-line?> Sometimes if you 
forcefully reapply the policy it will correct things> like that.> > Regards,> 
Jamie Nelson> > -----Original Message-----> From: gptalk-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 
[mailto:gptalk-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx]> On Behalf Of TAZAMAL HUSSAIN> Sent: 
Sunday, November 25, 2007 5:36 PM> To: gptalk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> Subject: [gptalk] 
Problem with GPO Setting even after set to 'Not> Configured'> > Hi Guys,> > I 
have also posted this to Group Policy Forums @ Microsoft. Trying to> get some 
exposure to this problem... hoping someone can shed some light.> I have tried 
to describe exactly what is going on being a descriptive as> possible. If I get 
an answer on the on the Microsoft forum i'll post it> over to here if anyone is 
interested.... > > I have pasted the Thread I have started already:> > > 2 
posts altogether:> > Hey Guys,> > > > Okay, although I have not found an answer 
yet, I *think* I have made> some > > progress and am on the right lines, again 
if anyone has any comments> please > > do let me know.> > > > .... after a lot 
of googling everything was pointing to the fact that> I MUST > > HAVE at some 
point applied the Outlook ADM to the def-dom-pol with the> > > setting for 
'default path for PST Files' pointing to my network> location. > > After 
applying it I must have ripped out the ADM template from the > > def-dom-pol 
and applied it specifically to the OU where I wanted the> GPO to > > apply. 
Hence this *probably* caused GPMC to give the output of> 'display names > > for 
some setting cannot be found....'> > > > So... in an attempt to correct 
this.... Within the def-dom-pol I added> the > > Outlook ADM template back 
in... And set the setting for the PST path> to 'not > > configured'.. . 
Rebooted an XP client, logged in with a new user but> still > > outlook is 
pushing the path of the PST to the network store when> configuring a POP3 email 
account.> > > > The strange thing still is even though I have configured the 
setting> now to > > 'Not Configured' (and hence it does not now display in the 
GPMC> settings tab > > for the def-dom-pol GPO as being set at all) AND the 
ONLY policy that> is > > applied to Users (for new users created after this 
change as well) is> the > > def-dom-pol ONLY, the users registry hive is still 
showing the network> location path in the > > ForcePST registry key under > > 
HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Office\Outlook..... which I thought> was a > > 
protected registry area that doesn;t suffer from tatooing i.e.... is> this > > 
tatooing? > > > > My head is kind of spinning now... as i think i am getting 
out of my> depth... > > any steer would be great. All i am looking to achieve 
is for users> (not within a specific OU) default outlook PST path to point to 
where it> would have pointed if I didn;t mess with this setting... its as if 
the> default PST location value is now the network path if I leave this> 
setting to 'Not Configured'> > > > lozza > > > > > > "lozza" wrote:> > > > > Hi 
Guys,> > > > > > I am confused by what is going on here.... looking for some 
help:> > > > > > In AD i have an OU with a GPO applied. This GPO, as well as 
other> user> > > settings, sets User Configuration\Administrative 
Tools\Microsoft> Office > > > Outlook 2003\Miscellaneous\PST Settings\Default 
location for PST> files.... to > > > a network location (I dont have any other 
option!). Now my> understanding was > > > that this should apply to all users 
within the OU that is GPO is> linked to... > > > and it does, just fine, was 
happy until today> > > > > > However....> > > > > > When I create a new user in 
AD, and place him in any other OU that> does not > > > have this GPO linked to 
it (and only the Default domain Policy),> this setting > > > still applies to 
the user when configuring outlook... it shouldn't,> should it?> > > > > > So... 
I went into GPMC, clicked the OU the user sits in on the left> hand side, > > > 
clicked 'Group Policy Inheritance' tab on the right pane and see> that ONLY > > 
> the Default Domain Policy is being applied... which it should be...> good> > 
> > > > So... I clicked on the Default domain policy on the left hand side> 
pane of > > > GPMC and on the right hand side pane clicked the settings tab 
which> shows me > > > all configured settings within this GPO. AND THERE IT 
WAS! under> User > > > Configuration, Administrative Templates, Extra Registry 
Settings it> says:> > > > > > 'Display names for some settings cannot be found. 
You might be able> to > > > resolve this issue by updating the .ADM files used 
by Group Policy > > > Management' > > > > > > and directly under that it 
specifies:> > > > > > Setting:> 
Software\Policies\Microsoft\Office\11.0\Outlook\ForcePSTPath> > > State: 
\\Network File server where PSTs are stored in the GPO its> configured > > > 
for...> > > > > > So why is this setting, that is set in another GPO 
specifically> linked to one particular OU also in my Default Domain Policy? 
When I> > > open the defdompol to configure it I dont see the template that 
sets> this setting, in fact I dont see any of the Microsoft > > > Office stuff 
in the defdompol GPO as I didn't add any additional> administrative templates 
to the Default Domain GPO.> > > > > > Truly confused and a bit worried that 
I've messed my default domain > > > policy... does anyone know what i;m talking 
about?> > > > > > Lozz> > > ________________________________> > The next 
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