[gptalk] Re: Problem with GPO Setting even after set to 'Not Configured'

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Have you done a "gpupdate /force /target:user" from the command-line?
Sometimes if you forcefully reapply the policy it will correct things
like that.

Jamie Nelson

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Hi Guys,
I have also posted this to Group Policy Forums @ Microsoft. Trying to
get some exposure to this problem... hoping someone can shed some light.
I have tried to describe exactly what is going on being a descriptive as
possible. If I get an answer on the on the Microsoft forum i'll post it
over to here if anyone is interested.... 
I have pasted the Thread I have started already:
2 posts altogether:
Hey Guys,
> Okay, although I have not found an answer yet, I *think* I have made
> progress and am on the right lines, again if anyone has any comments
> do let me know.
> .... after a lot of googling everything was pointing to the fact that
> HAVE at some point applied the Outlook ADM to the def-dom-pol with the

> setting for 'default path for PST Files' pointing to my network
> After applying it I must have ripped out the ADM template from the 
> def-dom-pol and applied it specifically to the OU where I wanted the
GPO to 
> apply. Hence this *probably* caused GPMC to give the output of
'display names 
> for some setting cannot be found....'
> So... in an attempt to correct this.... Within the def-dom-pol I added
> Outlook ADM template back in... And set the setting for the PST path
to 'not 
> configured'.. . Rebooted an XP client, logged in with a new user but
> outlook is pushing the path of the PST to the network store when
configuring a POP3 email account.
> The strange thing still is even though I have configured the setting
now to 
> 'Not Configured' (and hence it does not now display in the GPMC
settings tab 
> for the def-dom-pol GPO as being set at all) AND the ONLY policy that
> applied to Users (for new users created after this change as well) is
> def-dom-pol ONLY, the users registry hive is still showing the network
location path in the 
> ForcePST registry key under 
> HKCU\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Office\Outlook..... which I thought
was a 
> protected registry area that doesn;t suffer from tatooing i.e.... is
> tatooing? 
> My head is kind of spinning now... as i think i am getting out of my
> any steer would be great. All i am looking to achieve is for users
(not within a specific OU) default outlook PST path to point to where it
would have pointed if I didn;t mess with this setting... its as if the
default PST location value is now the network path if I leave this
setting to 'Not Configured'
> lozza 
> "lozza" wrote:
> > Hi Guys,
> > 
> > I am confused by what is going on here.... looking for some help:
> > 
> > In AD i have an OU with a GPO applied. This GPO, as well as other
> > settings, sets User Configuration\Administrative Tools\Microsoft
> > Outlook 2003\Miscellaneous\PST Settings\Default location for PST
files.... to 
> > a network location (I dont have any other option!). Now my
understanding was 
> > that this should apply to all users within the OU that is GPO is
linked to... 
> > and it does, just fine, was happy until today
> > 
> > However....
> > 
> > When I create a new user in AD, and place him in any other OU that
does not 
> > have this GPO linked to it (and only the Default domain Policy),
this setting 
> > still applies to the user when configuring outlook... it shouldn't,
should it?
> > 
> > So... I went into GPMC, clicked the OU the user sits in on the left
hand side, 
> > clicked 'Group Policy Inheritance' tab on the right pane and see
that ONLY 
> > the Default Domain Policy is being applied... which it should be...
> > 
> > So... I clicked on the Default domain policy on the left hand side
pane of 
> > GPMC and on the right hand side pane clicked the settings tab which
shows me 
> > all configured settings within this GPO. AND THERE IT WAS! under
> > Configuration, Administrative Templates, Extra Registry Settings it
> > 
> > 'Display names for some settings cannot be found. You might be able
> > resolve this issue by updating the .ADM files used by Group Policy 
> > Management' 
> > 
> > and directly under that it specifies:
> > 
> > Setting:
> > State: \\Network File server where PSTs are stored in the GPO its
> > for...
> > 
> > So why is this setting, that is set in another GPO specifically
linked to one particular OU also in my Default Domain Policy? When I
> > open the defdompol to configure it I dont see the template that sets
this setting, in fact I dont see any of the Microsoft 
> > Office stuff in the defdompol GPO as I didn't add any additional
administrative templates to the Default Domain GPO.
> > 
> > Truly confused and a bit worried that I've messed my default domain 
> > policy... does anyone know what i;m talking about?
> > 
> > Lozz


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