[gptalk] Re: Problem to redirect My Documents for all the users

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Hi Craig,


You will want to make sure you are using a UNC path for folder
redirection, if you were to set it how you've done it - when the user
logs in they will be looking for their MyDocuments in the D: drive of
there PC (probably a CD drive). 


During the configuration of the root folder for your redirected my
documents you would have had to share it (hidden/not hidden) use this
share name for the UNC path example for GPO >
\\servername\MydocRedirection <file:///\\servername\MydocRedirection>
or \\servername\MyDocRedirection$
<file:///\\servername\MyDocRedirection$>  (if hidden)


Hope this helps/makes sense.


Any more q's let me know



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Hi all
This is the first time that i'm trying to configure Folder Ridirection
and i followed article
http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc782799.aspx as a guide.
However if i do it the way of the article i get a "Warning" right at the
end when i click Finish. I click No on the warning as i do not know what
it mean.
The warning says "The target path is not a UNC path. If this is not a
valid local path at the client (which it isn't because the document told
me to put in there the path on the server where everyone's documents
must go to so it shows D:\MydocRiderection) , folder redirection will
fail. Are you sure you want to use this path as the target? Y/N
Question: Why is it giving me this error?
Thank you for the help

Craig Meyer 
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