[gptalk] Re: Presentations /screensaver disabling

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  • Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2008 23:23:15 +0100

Hi Jim,


As I understand it you have a GPO with screensaver settings hitting all of
your users. You now want to exclude a small group of users from taking on
that policy.


That can be done in several ways (depending on your environment), eg.:

1)      Creating a separate OU for those users and assign only the necessary
GPOs to that OU (maybe by setting "Block inheritance" on the OU) - that's
the simple solution you could say

-          or

2)      Putting those "no screensaver" users into a security group in AD,
let's call it "Users without Screensaver Settings", and then tweaking the
security on the GPO which is causing you problems to Deny "Apply Group
Policy" for that particular group. However, using Deny can be tricky and is
generally not recommended - unless you know exactly what you are doing of

-          or

3)      Creating a GPO, eg. called "No Screensaver Settings", removing
Authenticated Users from security and adding a group in AD, like "Users
without Screensaver Settings ", with "Read" and "Apply Group Policy"
permissions. Link this new GPO to the same level as the original one, and
make sure the new GPO has a higher priority that the original GPO which is
causing you problems.


There are other choices, but these are probably the 3 most common ones.


Best regards



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I have created  a gpo that enables a screensaver after 10 minutes of
inactivity for office security, however we have people who have PowerPoint
presentations that run automatically and have their screensavers activate
during the presentation. Can you tell me how I can disable this on an xp pc
for this group?




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