[gptalk] Re: Policy Reporter software for Vista

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  • Date: Thu, 2 Nov 2006 21:21:14 -0800

I found the operational log to have more information, in some cases, than
userenv, but yes, viewing it in the event viewer is a bit cumbersome. MS is
going to release a free utility that will let you output events from a
particular processing event to a text file or HTML.
I'm really surprised about the userenv.log (now called gpsvc.log in Vista).
I will have to confirm with if that is remaining intact in the release code
because I was told it wasn't by the guy who is PM for the logging stuff in


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Hi Darren,


I had a look at the new GP operational log and found it easier to read, but
much less informative. And it annoys me when you have to look through 40
different events to see what happened. It is handy that it gives you the
date as well as the time!


The UserEnv log still exists and is slightly less readable than it used to
be! I think I will stick to my reader program and if I get a spare week or
two I might extract date from the event log as well.  


As to the OCX behavior, turning off UAC does fix it, but is probably a
little heavy handed. I expect the right click and "Run as administrator"
would also work. What annoyed me was that it ran the install, gave various
security prompts and said it all worked. At no time did it say "hey you do
not have authority to do this".


Alan C



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I'm curious about this because MS claims that Userenv.log data for policy
goes away in Vista--in favor of the new GP operational log. So, are you
still getting data out of it? I'd be surprised but then again, maybe MS
wasn't tell the whole truth. 




As for the OCX behavior, I'm not surprised. Try turning off UAC and see what
happens then.





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Subject: [gptalk] Policy Reporter software for Vista

For those that are doing any testing on Vista, we have released a Beta
version of our free Policy Reporter program. This can also be used on XP
machines. It has a couple of new features including 'Search' and 'Export to
Excel'. For those that have never used it before, it is great when Policies
are not applying properly and you want to make sense of the UserEnv Log. It
is also useful if you are just trying to understand all of the steps
involved in applying Group Policies.


If anyone is interested, you can download it from


I would especially appreciate feedback on any additional records in the logs
which would be useful to highlight, or any cases where it fails to detect
the User and Machine components. 


There is also a bit of a bug in the install program that I don't understand.
The MSI file was built using the Visual Studio Installer and works fine on
my XP box. On my Vista box it also installs fine, provided I am not
connected to the domain. Once connected to the domain, when I install it (as
an administrator) it fails to register the additional OCX files that it
needs. It sounds like some new security feature on Vista that cuts in once
you are on a domain, but I couldn't find what it was. Has anyone else seen
similar behavior?


Alan Cuthbertson

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