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I've been playing with RC2 and what I can see it is going to be a
nightmare for some developers. You may want to review the following



Here are some things I found:

1)     the power users group has the same rights as the users group in
Vista, the power users group is only there to support backward

2)       Security on core system locations including the Program Files
directory, HKLM in the registry, and other locations has been completely
revamped. Don't expect easy access to these locations.

3)       If you log on as an admin, your programs don't run with admin
privileges, you can right click on their shortcut or .exe file and
choose "run as administrator" it will then prompt you for the admin
password to run the app in that mode.  Also look at the "compatibility"
tab  when you right click the shortcut or executable.....

4)       If you program downloads data into a repository normally in its
parent file in the Program Files directory it will be re-directed to a
folder in the users Profile directory


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For those that are doing any testing on Vista, we have released a Beta
version of our free Policy Reporter program. This can also be used on XP
machines. It has a couple of new features including 'Search' and 'Export
to Excel'. For those that have never used it before, it is great when
Policies are not applying properly and you want to make sense of the
UserEnv Log. It is also useful if you are just trying to understand all
of the steps involved in applying Group Policies.


If anyone is interested, you can download it from


I would especially appreciate feedback on any additional records in the
logs which would be useful to highlight, or any cases where it fails to
detect the User and Machine components. 


There is also a bit of a bug in the install program that I don't
understand. The MSI file was built using the Visual Studio Installer and
works fine on my XP box. On my Vista box it also installs fine, provided
I am not connected to the domain. Once connected to the domain, when I
install it (as an administrator) it fails to register the additional OCX
files that it needs. It sounds like some new security feature on Vista
that cuts in once you are on a domain, but I couldn't find what it was.
Has anyone else seen similar behavior?


Alan Cuthbertson

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