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Have you tried enabling verbose SI logging to see what it turns up?


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Yeah..that's exactly what I did - applied for license to distribute it, got the 
.msi file, and applied to Comp Config. I ran it on a test OU as well and had 
problems with it working. As suggested by Jamie Nelson, I transferred the 
install to the sysvol folder instead of a network share. I uninstalled Flash, 
booted up my test computer and it worked. I uninstalled it again; again, booted 
it up, and it again worked. So, I thought I had this licked. But, in beta 
testing on a couple other OUs, it's not seeming to work. I'm probably gonna 
give Adobe a call to see if they have any suggestions as well I'll keep you 
posted via the list here if you like...


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Hi Shane,

The Flash installation for me has been, so far, very simple.

I'm only talking about the Flash Reader IE active-x plug-in though, not a full 
blown copy of the Flash developer.

I grabbed the distributable msi by applying for a license, created a 
per-computer GPO software installation, told it to uninstall if moved out of 
scope and left the rest at default. I didn't apply any transforms or 
application switches.

I assigned it to a test OU which only has a single workstation in and applied 
it to two groups we have, one for desktops and one for laptops. I have since 
gone through and given 'Domain Computers' 'Full Control' my installation files 

However, I have only done this on a brand new, fully patched version of XP SP3 
with minimal installations on it such as Office 2007, Acrobat, Java, etc.

I read a lot of problems on appdeploy.com about Flash installation failing if a 
previous version of Flash exists on the system. Everyone on there seems to have 
had to deploy Flash using a script which checks for Flash and runs an 
uninstaller first if its present. I expect I'll have these problems once I test 
this on an existing workstation with all the usual trash on!

I doubt this helps but hope it does.


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