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Was this a per-computer deployment? If so, then the installation happens in
the context of the machine's domain account. In the past I've noticed that
Authenticated Users was not sufficient to solve this problem, even though it
should have been. I'm not clear why this is, but perhaps setting up some
auditing on the server sided would have pointed the way. What I've seen, as
a solution, is to grant either Domain Computers or Everyone explicit access
to the files. 




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Hi all,


I've just created a GPO for deploying Acrobat 9 using the standard policy
software installation (not GPP) and added a transform file to get around
things like desktop shortcuts and EULA agreements.


However, when I came to deploy it I got errors about not being able to
access the files.


On Friday I also created a GPO to deploy Java. This had exactly the same
access rights as the Acrobat files but worked first time.


I managed to get the Acrobat installation to work by giving 'Everyone' read,
list and execute permissions to the folder containing the files but am
confused as to why I had to do this.


I thought the software installation used elevated privileges to install
software? Can anyone explain to me (to help my GP understanding) why this is
the case? In case you need to know, our environment is 100% Server 2003 SP2
and I was deploying to a XP SP3 machine.





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