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Are you trying to apply password policy to a domain user or a local user
account on a workstation or member server? Password policy, as you've
noticed, does not apply to users. IT applies only to computers where the
accounts reside. In the case of domain user accounts (i.e. held in AD), you
can only set one password policy for a given domain and that must be in a
GPO linked at the domain level. For local user accounts-those housed on
member servers and workstations, you have to make sure that the GPO is
linked to those containers where those computers reside, not the users.





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I have a question about implementing a password policy.  I am trying to
implement a password policy and it works but it is not being applied to the
user.  All settings are with in the computer settings.  When I do a
gpresult, the policy shows under not applied section and this it says
filtering: not applied (empty)

Your thoughts.


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