[gptalk] PLS help with grouped policies for my audit!!!

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  • Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2008 11:26:44 -0600

Hey dudes!

guys i am embarassed here to even say that this is happening to old bills pride, but you know what? i walkied into the bank this morning and winked at the security camersas as came out of the toilet (cuz they are my cameras LOL!) because thast is my first stop when I walk in you know, I gotta put the flag up as it were!!!

so anyway I got there to my desk and sit down and then some food from breakfast tumbled out of the old beard (the flavor-saver as they SAY LOL!) and it accidentally opened that nasty OUTLOOOK program that Mickey$haft makes. I don't know why people like that damn thing it is a pigglet. anyway it has a cool feature called "calendar" that makes getting meetings easy (if you use that terrible thing) and it turns out that I had a meeting for TODAY!!! The subject of the email was "Compliance Audit 2008 / Network Security - Group Policy"

Now one tehing I learned years ago back when we still used Macs was that when somebody screams AUDIT, you jump! because that means that heads will roll. the good news is that this go around they just wanted documents on our policies so I figgered that was easy enough so I stole a copy of our employee handbook, ripped out the information security pages, tossed thems into a vanilla folder and snapped a sticker note on it that read "CASE CLOSED" and then this little nerd that works for me (he is some kind of micorsoft tech guru that the bank made me bring over when we got bought out) came over and said 'they need info on OUR policies".

so I called him in and he said that HR is now apparentlyt keeping policies on our Active Director! I wanted to scream because we just put a new fileserver in!!! Next thing you see with will be old Billy Goat Gates wanting to keep my mails in some kind of alternate bit streams (IP6V anyone???). He said that we can get them using GPMCS or some policy manager console or something and with that I just about blew my lid!!! I am the manager here and if there is a tool to manage somebody then I should already have it!

Now I am in a real pickle here because I don't keep docs because it means that i am more valuable to the company (been down that road and done that alread! LOLOLLS!!). if i say too much then my value goes down the poop-chute!!!

So now I need to ask, and BEG the group, if they can send me some of their group policies and I can just search/replace your company name with mine and we can go from there. I need something to swhow these auditors to get them out of my short curlies before dinner time.

also they said i need to have some practices that have been declared "best". Where can I submit them off for review so they are certified? they wont tell me and that kid that works for me started laughing and resigned (all the more vacation time for me LOLOLSL!!!!).

thanks dudesss!!!

OH... And does ANYBODY know where I can get some SAS-70's wholesale??? I've been lookin on that Googler thing and can't find it! and YES I have checked eBay thank you very much!!

P.S. Check out my bloglog!!! <http://www.bilano.biz>

Mr. Billy B. Bilano, MSCE, CCNA, CISSP, and now QISP
Expert Sysadmin Since 2003!
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