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There is a certain amount of control and security to be set within a GPO.
however, It is fairly limited.

As far as configuring Outlook profiles (in agreement with JN), you can
configure a customized PRF file utilizing the Office Deployment kit. There
are other variables to consider however. Such as how the deployment will
happen, weather or not you need to change Outlook settings dynamicaly and
weather or not you are using an Administrative Installation Point with
assigned applications and a package that can call the PRF for configuration.
Obviously using the Adminstrative Installation point would be preferred
because your changes would dynamically be shared with clients that are
assigned that application. Including a PRF in your deployment would allow
you to customize any numer of items, including profiles, connections and so

Search MSDN for a White Paper named Outlook Deployment Options: Customizing
a PRF File. I used it and it was really informative. Following it step by
step will more than get you on your way.

On 5/3/07, Nelson, Jamie R Contr 72 CS/SCBAF <Jamie.Nelson.ctr@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

 I don't think any RPC over HTTP settings are exposed through the
Microsoft ADMs. You would have to write a custom ADM file to set those
registry preferences.

If you want to auto configure the Outlook profile (at first run) to use
RPC/HTTP, use the Office Custom Installation Wizard and generate a .prf

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Look on the MS office download site there are many Office 2003 ADM
templates that you can import into your GPOs to get this configuration out.

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How can I use GPO to modify Outlook settings such as RPC/HTTP?



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