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Sorry...I was an offender on this. Thought I had set it a long time ago,
but I guess not. For those of you unsure of how to do it, here's a quick
set of instructions:

1)      Open the "Out-of-office" assistant under the "Tools" Menu
2)      Make sure the "AutoReply only once to each sender with the
following text" text box is empty
3)      Select the "Add Rule" option
4)      In the window, put in the addresses of mailing lists and people
you don't want to autoreply to in the   "Sent To" section. Then click
the "Advanced" button and select "Only items that do not match these
conditions", click OK to close the advanced window. 
5)      In the "Perform these actions" box, select "Reply" and check on
the template button. Type in a short    message that you wish to use as
your out-of-office notification.
6)      Click OK, and make sure the "I am currently out of the office"
option is set. 

Jamie Nelson

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I'll second that. Thanks for mentioning it Martin. 



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Guys (and Gals of course),

Please try to exclude the list from your OOO auto-responders.  While I
value your input to this list, I don't really care if you are in the
office or not.

Thanks very much for sparing my inbox and delete key :).

Martin T. Hugo
Network Administrator
Hilliard City Schools
Tel: 614-921-7102

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