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So I suspect the problem here is that if you are looking to create
dependencies within a given GP processing cycle, you're going to have a hard
time. Frankly, I would script both the creation (or copying) of the
favorites as well as the moving them to where you want them. You can
pre-create .lnk files, put them on a server and then copy them to where you
need them, if you want.




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I have a GPO that establishes some links in IE through the use of Internet
Explorer maintenance and then I have a gpo that fires off a script that
copies these links from the "\documents and settings\<username>\favorites"
folder to the "\documents and settings\<username>\desktop\". I have a
problem where the script seems to be firing off first and then the favorites
get produced. I have tried moving around the link order and that really
doesn't help me out much. The links seem to populate the desktop after the
user logs on a second time. Does anyone have an explanation on why this
occurs? Is there a way to get the Favorites established first and then fire
off the script?


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