[gptalk] Re: Offline Files for redirected folders sync issues

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The auto-reconnect should happen on its own if the client isn't detecting a
slow-link. I agree that its not perfect however. Maybe you should try
lowering the slow link threshold and see if that helps. As for 3rd party
alternatives, someone on another list recommended this MS utility the other
day, but I've not used it:




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I am working on setting up a windows domain system, and I am running into a 
problem when it comes to syncing redirected folders for use offline. 

The system is small, around 6 users, and 2 server 2003 servers. Myself and a

couple other users have laptops, which we use both in the house, and out. 
we have internet outside, and other times not. I have my docs, app data, and

the desktop redirected to my central server through folder redirection 
in group policy. I need for my users to have access to their files offline, 
so that they can still work even if they don't have internet. The problem i 
am having is with the 
synchronization. Since all of my users are still using xp, i am stuck with 
the outdated, annoying product. The laptops require the users to initiate
syncs, by clicking on the computer in the task bar, in order to re-connect
the server. They sometimes need to sync multiple times before everything 
starts to work again. I need it so that they system auto-syncs whenever it 
detects the server, and doesn't interrupt the user if it doesn't, basically,

the computers just work, no user interaction required. Also, certain files 
generate sync errors, saying that those type cannot be synced. 

A friend of mine is a sys admin, and said that a few years ago he used a 3rd

party tool to replace the windows sync completely, and it worked great. The 
only problem is that the name escapes him. 

I was hoping that you could either suggest a tool, or a way to fix my 

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